Why To-Do list with deadlines is the best personal organizing tool?

To-Do list with deadlines is simple, straight-forward and most importantly it gets the job done. I am a crazy fan of tools and techniques, for every simple thing that can be done easier, I look for a tool/framework to accomplish the goal for me in a sophisticated way. From 2024 I am changing the behavior for better . Also this applies to me and my working scenario, said that it might not be for everyone. Past Practices: My tool kit extensively consisted of much experimented Notion, Airtable, Trello, Clickup, Google Keep, Apple Notes and I even tried out an Hipster PDA by folding a piece of paper in my wallet. Honestly the time spent on reading reviews, YouTube tutorials and setting up these to use was more than the time I used them to get the job done. I am only focusing on managing my everyday and weekly tasks overall.  The Wrong Approach to a Right Tool: So I was doing this monkey stunt to manage myself and no one knows about it, at-least that's was I thought and it didn't

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