About ME :)

26 January 2024,

09 August 2020,

Hey There, This is Vignesh Kumaresan (aka) VK. Thanks for stopping by and looking about me and the blog. Which means you might have found something useful or dumb. I am a Mechanical Engineer from the city of Coimbatore, TN, India. Passionate about robotics, automation and innovative products that solve real world problems. Even though I consider myself a techie, my core skill areas are in domains of Innovation and Product Management.

At FORGE I currently work with team of young dynamic innovators who are rebellious and we go about solving challenges posed by different industries and sectors. We highly believe in innovation & agile driven product development practices to build startups that can scale into enterprises. We work with hardware deep tech startups, corporate and government partners and offer our services.

Get to know about me through LinkedIn in the professional front and always feel free to connect and reachout via mail or call. Instagram records few glimpses of my life style and moments which may not impress you but, I am looking to make it more valuanle for the reader too.


I believe my works would have helped you a bit, its absolutley okay if they havent you would have still got good time reading, laughing at them. This is my first take towards professional blogging and might contain some of my personal random thoughts as well. I will keep this About ME page as a live one and all updates will be historically listed below once I evolve through my carreer and life.

Wishing you the very best, Vignesh Kumaresan